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i've posted in the disorder forum too mainly because i don't know which is better for the type of totally psychological and physical hardship i'm dealing with

so when i was young i noticed bumps ( small up the shaft some with oil that can be popped)- i've been to the doctor (and it's normal somehow) and i'm 18, i have been traumatized (psycholgically) entirely like 50,000 different times (in many ways) just based on what a girl might think- now i am sort of "dating" a really cool (and beautiful) girl, she seems open minded enough and i'm sick of caring and just want to give it a shot- but then even worse i've gained a reddened cist which i'll get removed. what kind of things have you said to a girl if when you were in the situation? Their reaction? To come right out and tell her would be brutal- i just don't want to f**k up another experience with a girl.


I here ya pal. I think most guys worry about whether their penis is 'normal' or not. Unfortunately, we are what we are... If the girl is understanding and nice, level with her. If you don't like the sound of that, all you can do is try to avoid the subject. Good Luck.