I just had my second bunion surgery, I waited 4 years to do so, you can forget the pain of having a baby, but not the pain of bunion surgery! Also, for those of you getting ready to have it done, I will say that it is worth it once you get through the rough part, which lasts for several weeks! Also, when you are told to keep your foot elevated, keep both feet elevated or you will find that you may develop back or even worse sciatia problems as I did, I had to get a spinal steroid injection yesterday as I was in so much pain
Laying in bed so much, and when you do walk, you are forced to walk in such a distorted way due to the surgery that you whole body is thrown off center and it causes other problems! I have the surgery on Oct 31, and I am still in alot of pain and still cannot drive, walk very well and my leg on the side I had the foot done on is hurting like I cannot even describe, I had the injection yesterday, so I am hoping the relief will come soon! The Pain center told me that the doctors who do the bunion surgery's should tell their patients to elevate both legs to keep them from getting these back issues
Good luck to everyone!