I had a bunionectomy and surgery on two hammertoes 8 weeks ago. I was in a plaster cast for 6 weeks and was non weightbearing. I had the pins taken out last week and have stitches in my foot again. I have been lucky not to have very much pain, no infection and all is healing well.

However, like everyone else I am not at the stage when I wonder how to get my toes working again. Today the bandages were removed apart from a small pad over the stitches and I was told I could start weightbearing still using crutches.

Is it unusual not to have any physical therapy? I was told to press my two toes down several times a day (they tend to stick up and do not bend). I am going on a snorkelling holiday in 7 weeks so anxious to get mobile.

Has anyone had any problems flying after this surgery? I will have a 10 hour flight.

Shoes are also going to be a huge problem!