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Had upper teeth pulled.  Denture put in gluey like substance couldn't stand it. Went for implants had 5 On top did not solve problem. Drs all telling me everything fine I have dry mouth so bad since this and burning mouth so bad.  This has ruined my life.  The problem began 2-3 months after my top teeth were pulled and was wearing denture. Denture fit well looked natural but the roof of my mough I thought covered was problem and got implants. No help I'm in agony and can't cope. 



have you thought about seeing an otorhinolaryngologist - mouth, throat and nose specialist instead of the dentist? It can be very possible that during all these procedures you either got bacterial infection that is affecting your salivary glands, or that something else went wrong - and dentists generally are not all that familiar with other potential problems their dentures and implants might cause.

You also have to take into account that you had a major procedure done in your mouth and that might have brought on yeast or bacterial infection that's responsible for the burning. So, my advice - try seeing the specialist,

Wish you all the best,