My son has these and he says they feel like sand is in his eyes all of the time and it is very irritating. I have read on other posts that some doctors will cut them out and that they use a numbing eyedrop and it is basically painless. There is a good chance that they'll come back though. Our friend is an eye surgeon and he keeps not wanting to do anything surgically, but we are going again next week. He prescribed an eyedrop that is for allergies as this is the cause according to him. The drops name starts with an X or a Z, I'm sorry I don't have any right now and forget but you could probably google allergy eye drops. They cost more than the normal Clear Eyes and Visine drops but do seem to give more relief. His bumps did shrink. Also lubricating eye drops or artificial tear drops might help ease the discomfort. I know my son has very dry eyes naturally.

I have also read about people taking them out themselves but this sounds very dangerous.

Good Luck