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Hello I am a 42 year old woman on "Methadone "for a little over 12 years.I now am on 20 millagrams of methadone and want to get offf methadone I was told that many people have used "Fetanyl" to detox off of methadone is that true?


If you are only on 20 mg, than you should be able to detox naturally off of the methadone.  If you slowly go down 2mg a week, than you should not really notice too many withdrawl symptoms.  To use the Fetanyl patch to withdrawl is like giving an alcoholic whisky instead of near-beer(Beer with no alcohol in it). It would be harder to withdrawl from the Fentayl and counter-productive to getting off of the methadone in the first place.  I hope you just heard this as a rumor and not from any doctor.

  I have withdrawled 50mg and went down 10mg/week and the worst thing that happened was that I sweated a lot (for the first week) but the body adjusts pretty fast and it was mind over matter for me because I wanted off so bad.  The best thing is to take nothing at all and just make up your mind. You can do it with nothing. It really is not that bad, especially at a low dose like 20mgs.