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k so I'm 15 and I'm supposed to have a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy this thursday (2 days). I've read pretty much every post on here about tonsillectomies, but its not helping me, i am still so so scared!

i have had all four wisdom teeth removed and i wanted to know, which hurts worse?

also, for weeks now i have been planning on going to a show/concert this friday (the day after my surgery) and my dad just now decides to tell me my surgery is on thursday.

its not like a big venue. its a local band and they're playing at a bar

Is there anyway i could go to the concert?

help, please.


I am 41 now and had all 4 wisdom teeth removed when i was 39, mine were in sideways (laying on their sides) so the area had to be sliced open - long gashes vs just open and pull tooth.

Having been thru that, and now going thru this with the tonsils being taken out (but also being told my tonsils were one of the largest pair she had ever seen), I would say they are about the same but in different ways.

Both hurt, but i think the wisdom tooth one was harder because I couldn't get in there and brush my teeth well and my entire jaw head mouth was swollen up and throbbing, at least with this tonsil thing i can brush my teeth and feel somewhat human jaw is ok, face ok, had a headache day 1&2 but thats gone now too, but the pain of trying to swallow here on day 3 at least is really making it hard to compare this as "better" or "less" than the wisdom teeth extraction - put it this way it isn't something i wish on anyone but hopefully things will heal quick and we will both be recovering soon.


As for the concert the next day my guess would be stay in, but at 15 i might have gone anyway (thats just me being stubborn)...

I can say tho my throat is super sensitive, its winter here and i have 3 humidifiers going, i can walk into a room and tell if one is empty and needs refilling within seconds, i can imagine if there will be smoking around that would really make me wanna gag with the raw throat at this point.

I guess alot depends on how you feel too, maybe ask your doc thursday before you go into surgery, that might be your best bet (altho i have a feeling their answer might not be what you want to hear).