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i had my tubes tied 11yr ago,after having 3 ceserans. i have been told they were cut and caterized. i found a dr that says he can do a revirsal. i heard that the longer you have been tie the chance of ever having a reversal is slim


I reckon that the rates of successful tubal ligation reversal also depend upon a woman’s age and a method performed undergoing tubal ligation.
First of all, I think you need to check the doctor’s credentials and statistical data on successful reversals. Depending on your age and method performed, you may have bigger or smaller chances of successful reversal and successful pregnancy.
You should see what the pregnancy rates of your age group and/or method of ligation performed are (following reversal of course). Every surgeon should keep this data and you should be able to see them.
Here is statistics from Chapel Hill Tubal Reversal Center, 109 Conner Drive Suite 2200,
Chapel Hill, NC 27514.
405 women younger than 30 underwent reversal and 310 (77%) got pregnant afterwards.
984 women aged 30-34 underwent reversal and 72% got pregnant afterwards.
977 women aged 35-39 underwent reversal and 62% got pregnant afterwards.
326 women 40 and older underwent reversal and 34% got pregnant afterwards.

Get good information before undergoing reversal. Good luck!