I am pregnant with my seveth child, and more than a month ago I found a small lump under my right arm. Two days later my midwife examined me and found I also had a lump under my left arm as well. They felt small and you needed to touch them in order to know they were there. She prescribed some antibiotics for a week, in the hopes they would go away. The next week I went to the doctor and the lump did not go away. Instead it got bigger! My ob/gyn said that they do not want to poke and prode me since I am so close to delivering the baby. He also said that if the condition still manages to be the same after I deliver the baby they will work aggressively to find out what it is.
My problem, should I act aggressive and demand that they find out what this is? Or did possibly my pregnancy cause this to happen, and should I wait like my ob/gyn suggested? I am scared and I hope this won't effect my chances to breastfeed my new baby.