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hi friends,

yesterday i had a ultrasound at my 20th week of pregnancy.Technician found some thing unusal in my uterus. i mean my baby is fine. they said nothing wrong with the baby. other than that they found something unusual.

they said they are not sure what that is ? they might be a chance of another baby or bloodclot.

during 3rd month vaginal u/s ob/gyn told me it's a single baby. After that i never had any unusual symptoms.

if anybody heard or expereienced this problem please share it with me.
i have a followup with my Ob/Gyn Tomorrow.

please share it with me


Hi and Congrats on your baby! :-) I actually had something similar happen to me when I was pregnant with my last child. (I have 3) I had an ultrasound and they found a blood clot by where my son was, but I was told there was nothing to worry about. Shortly thereafter, I ended up going to the restroom and filled the toilet with blood, which really freaked me out and upset me! The good news is that I now have a very healthy 9 yr old son! :-) I would not overly worry yourself (its not good for you esp when your pregnant!) and I would wait to see what your doctor says. If there is a problem, they will let you know! Just take it easy and relax and hopefully all will be ok! BUT, If you start having any symptoms, call your doctor right away to be safe! Good luck!