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Hi Doc,

What can I do to help ease the severepain in my fingers and right arm. I am 32 weeks pregnant. I am not getting much sleep at all. I am woken by the pain every hour and a half.

This is affecting me as I am still at work and need to drive myself.

Please advise :'( :'( :'(


I don't want to alarm you, but then that might be a good thing, because you are at the end of your pregnancy and you don't want to speculate about uncomfortable symptoms. I was preeclampsic at the end of my first pregnancy. Preeclampsia is associated with several symptoms, the greatest of which is usually high blood pressure. This affects your circulation. Your symptoms could be related to circulation. Get to your doctor right away, unless he/she told you to ignore it; get some rest; or lay on your left side when you are resting. My doctor was a personal family fried and the head of the ob/gyn Department. As a result, I got extraordinary care. His solution for me was to check the babies development thru ultrasound, then proceed with inducing labor if the baby was well developed. That's what he did and all was well with the world. I don't think you should ignore ANY symptoms at this point. Get a second opinion if you have to. My understanding is that preeclampsia is life threatening for you (obviously), thereby threatening to your baby. Good luck !