Here is the situation.... Me and my girlfried loved each other on friday night April 26th 2013. She gave me a hand job but in the final moments she took her hand off and i masturbated myself. She had NO SEMEN on her hands but I had some of it on my hands. I cleaned it with my handkerchief then i went to the washroom cleaned everything and wsshed my hands with soap twice and dried them in HOT air. It took me around 7-10 minutes to clean and dry all of it. Then i came back and loved her loosened her jeans and started fingering her with my hand. Can she be pregnant in this situation??? Also she has been constantly having her period at the start of every month with a 28-29 day cycle. I remember she had her 1st day of period on April 1st which means she might have ovaluted around 15-16t h of April and her next period is around the corner in a week's time. Can she still get pregnant during this time?? Can she still be pregnant from fingering after 7-10 min of cleaning and dried hands and considering all above situations of her periods??? Can semen and sperms survive in air for so long on fingers??