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Hello everyone.

My friend wants to convince me that vitamin C and hibiscus tea can help with heart attack prevention. I don’t believe that and I refuse to believe, especially when it comes to hibiscus tea – I just don’t like it. But other thing is that I really take a lot of vitamin C and still I had heart attack. Ok, maybe I was doing something wrong…but still I don’t believe it.

Can you tell me what do you think – can vitamin C and hibiscus tea help with heart attack prevention? And if you think that it can, let me know how.

Thank you.


Hey there.

You are so wrong about hibiscus tea. It is true that this tea does not taste so good, but it has been gaining a lot of popularity over the past few years. Well, for those who are looking to try more natural methods of healing some diseases and illness needs to drink this tea because it has tons of benefits. For example, studies done by some experts showed that people who drink at least 15 cups or even more of this tea per WEEK have the lowest mortality rates after a heart attack.

Why? Because hibiscus teas is widely used to help lower the risk of heart attack and some other heart diseases.



Hi there.

There is nothing better and more natural than vitamin C and hibiscus tea in preventing heart attacks.

I love to drink hibiscus iced tea. It is just amazing and as far as I know it has a lot of vitamin C as well. If you don’t like it (and honestly, I don’t see why) you need to force yourself to drink it because of many benefits.

Hibiscus tea has a lot of high minerals and vitamin C is an amazing antioxidant for your body.

Actually, I love to tell that hibiscus tea is anti – oxidant that is going to help you to reduce bad LDL cholesterol which is going to help you eliminate the heart diseases by preventing the blood vessel damage.



Hey. Really?

Wow, I couldn’t even imagine that hibiscus tea can help me a lot. I was always refusing to drink it, even if this tea has beautiful color and amazing smell.

OK, I will try to drink this tea but can you tell me how to drink it? How many cups per day is optimum to drink?

I will force myself because I have a heart issues as well and I had one heart attack already. I am in constant fear that I will get another one. I am trying to do anything to prevent it and if this tea can help me I will drink it even if I don’t like it.



Hey. I would not agree with some of your opinion. It is true that hibiscus tea has a lot of benefits but there are also risks of drinking a LOT of hibiscus tea.  So, before adding hibiscus tea to your diet program you really need to consult your doctor about any preexisting health condition that you might have. You should know that hibiscus tea can open and even expand your blood vessels and this can increase a risk for a heart attack. So definitely in this case it won’t prevent it.

You should avoid drinking hibiscus tea if you are taking any medication for hypertension and low blood pressure.

Be careful.