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Im a 25 Year female. I have been running since I was about 11. I used to run about 15km every,then cycle and horse ride. Then last year June I went to the USA and got flu. Afterwards, when I started running again I couldnt run very far. I was breathless and had to stop every 500m!!! I decided to not run, so I rested, then I tried again. It has now been over a year and I am still having to stop every 500m or so. It never gets better. I have had blood tests by 3 different doctors and they all say my tests come back fine. I've had an ECG and a ultrasound of my heart and all is normal. Im going insane!! Please can someone advise me on what I should do?! All I want to do is be able to run again!!


have you tired to start again very slowly??

also i suggest you to see sport medicine doc. they can make the fit test or smth. maybe you have a heart failure or some other thing that will be seen only when being physically active. or you are running too fast, i dont even know, but i suggest to visit professional doctor who is amazing in sport medicine.