Hi ya all I really need some advice, I hope someone can help calm my fears.I had a medical abortion on Sept 19, 2012(almost two weeks ago) .I want you to have all my info. so you can help me.So here is my story,my husband and I have 2 healthy children(boy16,girl6) I am 35 and he's 42. I have extremely high blood pressure(brought on by my previous pregnancy that never went down after giving birth) , depression, anxiety, and endometriosis, and i take prescibed meds due to all.Both of my pregnancies didn't go well. I was verry sick with high blood pressure with my son and it turned into toxemia, I was induced ,was placed in the labor and delivery ICU and was given magnesium so I would not have a stroke or seize. We almost didn't survive his birth. It took us almost a year to get pregnant with our daughter, I was high risk bc of all the complications with my son. I was put on complete bed rest at 6 months and then when my blood pressure got dangerously high they induced me and she was born 4 weeks early at only 4 lbs. She was in NiCU for over a week, she wasn't crying or breathing when she was born, she was purple. Now she is almost 7 and is happy and doing well. Since her birth I have had 2 more surgeries for endometriosis and still have pain almost daily. My doctors didn't think I could pregnant again. So when I got pregnant we were all in shock. I went and met with the doctors and based on my past,my high blood pressure, and the medication I am taking, they recommended termination.It was such a hard decison,but we have 2 healthy children who need me around, so we decided to abort, and I have been so depressed since, even though I know we made the best choice for our family and for my health.It doesn't make the loss any easier. The doctor said my kidneys could fail while carrying the baby,I could have a stroke,seizures, or that I could end up in a coma and that the baby could have all sorts of things wrong with him or her. I was devestated ,but I knew in my head what I had to do,but my heart was breaking. It's been two weeks I am so sad and depressed, I feel like everywhere I turn there are babies or pregnant women, I am heartbroken. And now not only am I very depressed but I am also freaking out becaue I am worried the procedure didn't take and I can't imagine having to do this again. I got the procedure done on the 19 of Sept and since then I have had some bleeding every day,but not heavy,but I have been in excruitating pain, and I have not passed ONE blood clot! I am so scared.I have lots of pain in my abdomen its very sore, a stabbing pain in my left side near my hip,and horrible lower back pain. I called the clinic on friday and the nurse acted like it was no big deal about the clots and said "some people bleed alot some don't, some pass clots some don't" I didn't feel comfortable with her explanations so I have been trying to google and can't find any information on not passing blood clots. I am so worried that I still have tissue and will have to go though it again or that they messed me up .Plus I just don't feel well at all. Im sure the depression has something to do with it,but my body just feels horrible, just not right. i thought my body would go back to normal after a week or so but that isn't the case. i know this is long and I apologize, I wanted everyone to have all my facts so you could help me. Please any advice on this would help me, I am really worried.Thank you all for listening to my story.