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I am an avid coffee drinker and have been for many years. I was weaned on Maxwell House and have never really wanted to try anything else. My husband is also a professional coffee drinker and decided to try some of that fancy coffee from Brazil. We oredered some from a reputable site on line and have been drinking it for about a week or slightly less.

Here is MY dilemma...i think!

After 2 cups of this Brazillian coffee and within 30 minutes, i get a headache to the point where i want to puke. I love my very first cup of energy in the morning and the second one tastes even better but boy do i pay later. So what i'm wondering is has anybody ben in the same spot as me or am i imagining things? I also stopped drinking coke and any kind of soda at all. Now that i don't drink a lot of coffee bc of the headaches and i don't drink any soda at all anymore, could i be having some kind of withdrawl from cafeine? Could the cafeine in the new coffee be to much or not enough?



Hi BB,

Sorry about the headaches.

I don't think it is caffeine withdrawal.  It's happening when you have caffeine, not when it is being withheld.

There is such a thing as caffeine intoxication.  Do you have any other symptoms, tachycardia, anxiety, tremors, restlessness, or irritability?

Just some thoughts.