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I have been seeing this guy for a month.. and it hurts when we had sex for the first time. After two weeks I have a fever and thought it was a UTI.. coz,i have a UTI 2 years ago. He said to me that he did a test and he had Chlamydia. And the worst he said he got from me. Coz,i'm the only one he had sex for 1month. But,I only feel it when i had sex with him.. I can't believed that I had chlamydia. Any advice or comments are welcome.. 



Thank's.. :)




From what I've read Chlamydia is a Bacteria (C. trachomatis) and also what I've read woman can have it but show no symptoms. 


If I were you - I'd yourself checked out. It's a quick painless test where they'll (I think even you can do it) take a swab of your vagina and send it off too get tested. 


I hope I've helped! 


Anymore questions don't hesitate too ask!