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I had a swab test recently 3 weeks ago which resulted with a positive result for chlaymidia acids present. My G,P. retook a further test before prescribing medication, last week. This result shows negative , and I have been informed that I need not worry and no further investigation is needed or any medication . This leaves me baffled and worried that I am carrying this disease which will continue to cause health problems.Would it be better to have medication, also is their decision based on the fact I am over 45, and only have had 1 partner in the past 6 years??


Tests can sometimes come back wrong, which is why your GP did another test. For peace of mind you might want to get a third test, which will most likely be negative as well. Your age and sexual encounters shouldn't be in question, and the GP is just using the last test to base medication on.

Depending on when you had sex and when the first test was conducted, it is possible (but I stretch this is JUST a possibility) that your partner had chlamydia but you didn't get infected, and the test just picked up some leftover from your partner. Get tested again and remember, if you do test positive you have to inform your partners.