I have had chronic ear infections for the past 7 years, my symptons have been almost identical all the time - I have very dry, itchy excess 'skin' in my ears which is extremely itchy. My ears can become very red raw and painful at times and also frequently 'leak' a stream of clear/yellowy liquid.

I have been to my local doctors probably about 15 times over the last 7 years and have had numerous course of oral antibiotics and ear drops.... some of which have had no effect, some have cleared it up, only for it to return a few days after the course of the treatment has finished.

I now feel I have suffered a degree of permenant hearing loss.

I want to go back to the doctor, but they never seem to anything other than give me another set of ear drops. I feel I should have been referred to an ENT specialist (and now an audiologist) long ago.

Also I have never had a diagnosis for what is wrong with my ears.

How can I convince my doctor to do something more than just give me antibiotics or ear drops?

Is anybody else suffering with a similar problem?

Fi xx