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I have no health insurance and I have a very bad clogged nose porees and I have a bad habit of picking them and then I have sors all over my nose.  Help.  I need some home remedies to unclogged the pores.  Thanks 



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Hello, guest.

First of all, you need to stop picking it. As you said by yourself, it's both an ugly habit and bad for your condition.

Clogged nose pores are very common state these days and there are varieties of ways to get rid of them. Also, I'll try to point out some things that can prevent getting clogged again in future.

You must use skin products which have word "noncomodogenic" on the packaging - that means that the product won't clog your pores. It's the best that you apply it twice per day.

Also, it's recommended that people with clogged pore issue use potent clay mask. Clay mask suck oil from skin, and prevents forming of clogged pores. But, masks are not recommended for people with sensitive skin.

Wash your face with water which contains little common salt - that can be helpful in keeping the face clear from further complications.  

You can clean your face with a mixture of lemon juice, honey and salt or you can use an egg. 

For further assistance, feel free to ask. I hope some of this can be helpful.






Use pore strip for the nose like Bird or similar. Moisten the nose an strip. Hold the strip a few seconds until it sticks and the let it dry out. When you pull off the strip you will b see the black heads sticking out of the strip like tiny hairs. Read the directions.