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Hey! I'm a 21yo female, and I'm completely FED UP with my skin.

The only products I use are from the health food shop, no chemicles, non-scented etc... all natural and organic. And yet, when you look up close on my face, all my pores are bloody clogged! I use an organic clay mask once-a week too, and a light exfoliant every second night. I'm going mad here!

I hardly ever wear make-up, and when I do its generally just a bronzing powder (and thats only in winter, like now!). I do wear mascara frequently though.

If anyone has any suggestion, I would be so appreciative!!!



I'm sorry I can't help you, but I have the same problem on my nose, lip area, and cheeks. I've tried all kinds of products and nothing works. I have somewhat oily skin though. I sure would love to find an answer on how to keep these black heads at bay.