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I know an 18 year old who just tragically died of colon cancer 15 months after being diagnosed. She was having stomach troubles and going through many tests, but the doctors never thought to test her for colon cancer because she was only 17 at the time. She was diagnosed only after blood was found on the stool, after the cancer had spread. Ever since she died, I am overly paranoid. Everytime I get a stomach cramp or constipated, I am convinced something serious wrong with me. Why am I driving myself crazy over this.


Well, it's easy to panic after something like this. That is a tragedy that she died to young from something like that. I suggest you take it easy. A lot of those abdominal problems are probably from worrying about this.

Do you feel that a part of why you panic is because you are still in shock, still grieving, or any of that? If so, you need to bring those feelings to the forefront and deal with them. Don't push back feelings that surround a death. It's difficult, but it's also important--and normal--to grieve.