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Hi,I am male 44yrs,while lifting a 21ft high,12ft wide 2x6 framed wall,it slipped then fell on me.Commpression fracture of spine and cracked sternum.I have 40 ml morphine every 12 hrs ,how much walking can i do to help this along or should i wait till i don't need the meds for pain?.


Hello! I don’t know about spine compression but I had broken sternum some years ago and this area was immobilized, I had a sort of cast around my chest and I did walk and act normal (as much as that was possible). I did take pain killers at first and slept for the first few nights on my sofa, so I wouldn’t aggravate the fracture but later on I did walk.

Haven’t you got all the instructions from the doc who examined you? If you are uncertain, I think you should call and ask again. The doc who examined you is the only person who can give you the right information according to the extent of the damage.

It took me around 6 weeks to heal.