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My wife had a leep procedure 2 years ago and is currently 39 weeks pregant. It has been a consren for her that her cervix will not open when the time comes. This is her fourth and the first (and last) since the leep. Her sister had the same thing and the doctors didn't believe her that she was in labor until it was really late and ended up with a c-section. Now wife is feeling contractions and they seem about 10 minutes apart and are painful but nothing she can't handle. We have been to the hospital several times for pre-term labor issues (which is common for her) and each time we are blown off about the leep and our concerns. Last night the midwife sent us in to get checked because of these new contractions (which have seriously died off the last few weeks) and the nurse there kept talking about a UTI, whick isn't the problem!! She doesn't have one. NOBODY will listen to us about this concern and an OB told us 3 weeks ago there is nothing that will be done until she is either in labor or 40 weeks. the same doctor who just 2 days ago induce my best friends wife at 38 weeks. All that leads to my question...... "IF" her cervix is scarred over and will not open (which it is not open and with the other 3 was open early on in the pregnancy) could that problem stop or slow down the contractions leading to the belief that labor is not really taking place?? I'm really worried about the health of my waife and our unborn daughter. Please rush me an answer. Thank you very much


I had a quick look online, it seems the biggest concern after leep is an incompetent cervix which could lead to preterm birth or miscarriage. Since she has already made it to 39 weeks this isn't a problem.
All of the testimonials that I read were from women that went on to have normal deliveries after leep.
The scarred part of the cervix may take a bit longer to stretch than the rest of the cervix, but it should be able to open up enough.

Good luck for the birth of your daughter