I'm 29 years old had my son on Dec.22 2006 regular vaginal del. no epidural went for 4 week check up I was still bleeding my OB went ahead and gave me a pap it came back normal he also tested me for HPV since I was positive for that before I became pregnant and had to have a leep procedure or a cold cut coning . I tested negative for HPV ever since the operation. Anyways . I had to be put on strict bed rest while pregant because of shorten cervix and have a cercalage put in cervix. I'm now 9.5 weeks postpartum and I"m still bleeding more like spot bleeding sometimes its pink but most of the time its brown . I have stopped for up to 2 days but always start back up . I also had to take shots of progesteron to prevent preterm labor could my hormones just be crazy right now or should I be concerned theres no odor or fever its just annoying. My doc put me on a birth control to see if that would stop it. Thanks