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I have been with my girlfriend with 3 months and we feel now the time is right to have sex. I am a virgin and I thought it may be best to practise putting on a condom on. I have tried mutiple times and the same problems occur.  

Firstly when i go to practise i cant get fully erect majority of the  time. Why is this when i am fine any other time?

secondly on the rare occasion i get an erection when practising (which could have been harder) i try to put the condom on and it gets stuck under the foreskin. Pleas give me advice on what to do? Its realy starting to upset me. :(



I can't answer all your question, but I can tell you that when you're "practicing", your attention is focused on the condom, and getting it on, getting it right, rolling it down, handling it properly...and these can be not-very-sex, not-very-arousing things.  So, it's not surprising that you're less than your most excited by the time you get one on, or almost on.

As for getting it stuck under the foreskin, I'm afraid I don't understand that...and as I don't have aforeskin, I'm afraid I'm pretty much in the dark.

Perhaps someone with this type of experience can comment.

(You do know that when you apply the condom, there's a right side to apply it, and a wrong side.  That is, when it sits on the tip of your penis, it should start to unroll like a knit ski cap (or "tuke") so that it constantly and smoothly unrolls down the shaft of your penis.  If you have it flipped over, it will not want to unroll at all and fight you all the way down.  Plus, if you touch it to the wet tip of your penis, wrong side out, you can't then flip it over, because you may have put sperm on the outside tip of the condom...and you must start with a new one.

Finally, you need to be sure that you leave a deflated tip of the condom at the end, to allow room for the ejaculate to "inflate" or fill the flattened sack, so that it doesn't burst or doesn't try to pump backwards under the condom during thrusting.)