hey, i could really do with some help i dont know where else to go with out being judged. in February 12 i fell pregnant with me second child, my partner was supportive and had dedications else where, i left him and decided for the best would be to have an abortion. i love children and i love my current child. i knew i didnt want my partner and to have another child with him would be wrong cause he didnt really bother with the one he had, i wanted to get rid and get a job and support the one i had on my own. so i went thought with it please note it was hard and i sobbed and sobbed as i did and do love that child. afterwards i felt fine, no regrets as i knew id made the right choice, i started applying for job and getting my life on track also i went straight on to the depo shot. about a week or two later, my depression kicked in (this is in may by the way) i wanted the baby back and i wanted my partner who i was completely sure i didnt want back, after 4 month i did beg him to come back cause id got so bad i couldn't psychically be without him i never told him about the abortion i told him it was a miscarriage and after 4 months of being back together he found out, we are now broken up and my depression is worse than ever! ive never felt like this in my life and i didnt know anywhere else to post this, im looking for some advice, i have signed up for counselling so no one needs advise that. i want to talk to people who have been through something similar im a lost cause at the moment, everyone's sick of hearing me talking about it and just want me to speak to a counsellor im sorry for the long essay but i didnt feel anyone could help without knowing everything exactly. if anyone has any remedies, good food any ideas to help me it would be greatly appreciated!