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Hi, I suffer from what I think is IBS. I can go for up to 3/4 weeks being constipated, but other times I am fairly regular. Even if I am regular I still suffer from very bad wind and always have done... can you recommend any herbal treatments to help me with this. OR is there something particular that i shouldn't be eating? Someone said that I eat too quickly is this true? I have never been to see a doctor about this, only when the constipation is so bad that I need SUPER laxitives - maybe I should..... any advice would be great.


watch for any intelorance like lactose intolerance

or gluten intolerance aka coeliac disease .

avoid fatty food , eat well . try to get a diet and write what you eat for a month and try to find link .

just watch one thing . many ibs sufferer stop fatty foos junk etc... and start eating salads and more healthy stuff . but too much vegetables and iceberg lettuce , can irrite the bowel and give you really bad cramps . i almost tough i was dying once and it was the iceberg salad and eating too much vegetables .

so check it out , theres not much thing to do about wind as far as i know , jsut change your diet and see what cause them .

i found that despite my mild lactose intolerance , dacactive probiotic and dannone activia yaourt are very good to restore the good bacterias .

each case is different and ibs can be life ruining ... its hard to live a completely normal life out of it . specially if you travel etc... you never know if youll be ok to find a bathroom on time .

and exercice .. like 20 minute help the bowel movement .

good luck