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Two years ago I underwent surgery that included: resection of symoid colon. I had a large rectocyle protruding from the vaginal opening. Also a cystocile of the bladder. The vagina was also dropped. The surgery was done by opening from belly button to bikini line. (I had a partial hyterecomy in 1967, which left vagina and overies intact ) After the surgery a biopsy was done and it was found that there was a very small syst growing on the under side of the right overy. Since the surgery I have had more problems with abdomenal pain and constipation. When I don't have a bowel movement for one day I begin having extreme pain on the right side of abdomen and right rear back. Sometimes the pain is so sever that I can hardly bend over to pick up something or get up and down from a seated position. I drink a diet tea and that seems to releave the constipation and pain but I remain tender on the right side.
After the surgery the doctors told me that everything on the right side of my aabdomen had dropped due to the rectocyle and they supposedly had tacked everything back up. My bladder was tacked by means of a web sling under the bladder attached by two screws into the pelvic bone on each side and the bladder was also tacked up to the back, along with the vagina.

Is there anything I can take for the pain that won't cause inflamation of the colon?
I will be 70 years old in January. Other than this almost constant discomfort I feel fine and my energy level is pretty good. I should also probably mention that I was diognosed with Fibromyalgia ten years ago and had Polio when I was fifteen. I fell and broke my collar bone this past May and still suffer from pain from that.
I take Herbal suppliments that have almost completely ellimanated the fibro discomfort. Also have Shingles that occur from time to time when stressed.


all you have to do is drink lot of water,eat lot of fiber and fruit,the dried apricot is the best.....pls try d dried apricot.