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I am a 40 yr old mother of three in which to of them are on meds one is 17 and the other 19 yrs of age my 17 year old decided about four years ago to stop taking the meds him self. which he has been on since he was 5 yrs old. he is really a ticking bomb ready to exploed. so i have taken him back to the doctors so we can re-evaluate him. I am not all up for all the meds he did take in the past but i need help he is so out of control with anger and not wanting to pay attention in school i get about 5 call in a week just concerns from his teachers which try to help as much as much as they can. can you help me. I had pepole and family members say it's adolestes I dont think so I am around him more then others so can some one help ?!this confused mother ? %-) >:( :-( :'(


That may well be a very good description. Here's a story for you, you can believe it, disbelieve it, but it may give you some insight.

Right now there's a whole generation of kids being medicated for ADHD, which is - if you feel like being a bit judgemental - almost a criminal act, because we are raising, without our knowledge, a generation (and their children will be worse, or better, depending on your perspective) of faster, brighter, more impatient, kids, and we're strapping them down like their insane, trapping them in cages.

Of course we can't handle them, we're not supposed to: we are supposed to give them the opportunity to expand and explore at the rate they need to avoid being bored. Rote learning, dead end jobs, we're still teaching people to die for the rest of their lives, like they were factory floor, production line workers of 100 years ago.

Here's a bizarre thought: make of it what you will. Twenty five years ago, fifty years ago even, was it that long - the age of aquarius, new age blooming - maybe 1 in 10 children born had a faster brain, more global vision, more far seeing, more visionary, and their brains worked maybe 100x faster. They see in an instant what others may never learn. Think Jobs, Gates, Internet billionaires, the world's first trillionaires. I know because I'm one of them - so are many of my friends - you just haven't seen me on a magazine.

Now think this generation: an entire generation of ADHD - no an entire generation like us, 100x faster, bored out of their minds, with parents - sorry - from the old school, unable to cope, and doing no more than doping their kids into oblivion. Did I say sorry? Scratch that. I do sympathise with parents who can't cope: but parents who can't cope and dope their kids? Medical advice or no medical advice, we're failing these kids, all of us, teachers, politicians, parents, doctors.

Angry? Take a kid that could be an all star athlete, and strap him down, and dope him up, and tell him he's the one with a problem.

Maybe your kids really are uniquely disadvantaged and desperately in need of medication for our protection - and maybe when you say you can't cope, you're inadvertantly right on the button, and it's not your fault, it's just that they're not you, not like you, and not understanding why you're not getting them, when you can't.

It's just a story.