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I'm 16 years old and I am still a virgin, but last night my boyfriend was fingering me(it was NOT the first time). Any way I think he was using 3 fingers, which he has done before, and all of a sudden I felt a sharp pain and I jumped a little bit. He stopped and then asked me if I was okay. I said yes because it stopped hurting. When he started again he looked and his hand was covered in blood. I bled a lot, through my pants, his pants, his underwear and onto his skin. I've looked online and everyone says it's not supposed to bleed that much. It is still bleeding a little bit today too. Also when I got home last night and checked, my labia was swollen on the left side. I don't use tampons and I don't masturbate. If anyone can help me it would be great. I'm really worried.


Dear ZoeyNoel

I would not ignore what happened. I would get it checked out.

The sharp pain could have been rupturing your hymen, but if he has been using 3 fingers in you, it may well have ruptured earlier. However you may have a tough elastic hymen, and it has not previously been ruptured. the pain could be because the tough hymen was finally broken. But you can check it yourself using a hand-mirror.

However, I would still see a doctor, and emphasise that you are a virgin.

Hope this helps