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So I had sex with my boyfriend, my period got delayed about a week, and when it came it was really different, more watery and for more days. I got relieved, but then a friend of mine, who is actually pregnant, told me that the same thing happened to her when she got pregnant, I have also been experiencing many of the symptoms like nausea, backaches, etc. A couple days ago I found some brown fluid in the toilet paper after i cleaned myself, I looked it up online, and it said it is something called "Brown Vaginal Discharged" and the first thing that it said is that it could b a sign of pregnancy, and it could be an unhealthy pregnancy.

So today morning (it has been a month from the possible conception) I took the pregnancy test and it came out negative, which again relieved me. Hours later I noticed (again in the toilet paper) that I was bleeding (though my period usually starts every 20th, and today is barely the 13th, it sometimes gets delayed but it never had started early before), it was really watery blood and it only came out when I peed, but it definitely came from my vagina and not the peeing conduct. Later in the day, when I went to the bathroom, i looked back at the WC and I saw a small pink "sack", at first I thought it could be a clot like we usually have in every period, but it wasn't bloody, it was just light pink with very little red. I have been experiencing cramps, mood swings, dizziness and headaches since yesterday, and bleeding ALL TODAY.

Everything I find in the internet says that it is a possible miscarriage, but I would like to know a more personal answer than just random similar stories. Could this be an early miscarriage? 

I would really appreciate the help and God bless you all.


Hallo* I had the same symptoms may period first have to start the 2th of may. But the first day I thought it was spotting by the second day I went to the toilet the after I wipe me before I flushed I saw a bloody piece of jelly the it was like my period started because I had a pink/red flow until 2days later. I still have to wait up to 1 may to take a home pregnancy test. Were you pregnant or did you had a miscarrige?