I am 29 years old. I am in my 7th week of pregnancy. I have taken 3 home tests and all have come back positive-immediately. During week 6, I started experiencing very light spotting - only on the toilet paper. It was light pink or brownish. It had stopped for a day, then started again. Now, it is 7 days later and still light, although ONE time it was a bit heavier and red-ONLY on the toilet paper. I am only using one pantyliner a day--none some days. Nothing even close to menstrual bleeding. I have had absolutely no cramping or large clots or tissue passing. I still have all the symptoms of pregnancy-sore breasts, tiredness and frequent urination. I have not scheduled my first OB exam yet, but will very soon. Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone help or give me some answers or advice?? Thanks!