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hi all,

last summer i was lifting weights, at a certain point i felt my sternum pop in the center right near the gap that seperates the two sets of ribs. It didnt necessarily hurt, but there a lump had formed. I thought I had cracked my sternum, the doctor said it was simply a muscle. I knew i shouldnt have listened. Now I've lost more weight and this lump is even more apparent, I think the cartilage might have healed awkwardly. I saw an osteopath and she was unable to do anything. I'm thinking about seeing a chiropractor right after i get an X-Ray and see the doctor...
I was just wondering... is there anyway to fix this or is it too late? is my theory correct? Please help me out.



Good day there. 

A sternal fracture is a relatively uncommon condition that is usually characterized by a break in the sternum bone or breast bone. When it comes to a sternal fracture, it usually occurs following a trauma, such as a direct blow to your chest, maybe from the object, maybe from the person. 

My daughter had problems with this when some girls from her school were fighting and she wanted to stop them. She was diagnosed with cracked sternum and she felt some slight pain for more months after this.

In your case you should also see your doctor and let him do x - ray. It is the best test.