Hi I have been having cramps since my period ended. I was supposed to get my period Aug 4th but it was about 2 days late my period bleeding is usually normal and lasts 4 days but this last period was different only lasted 3 days the bleeding was a little heavier than normal the first day and was very red, the second day it was coming out brown and the third day it was light pink and spotty. I didn't cramp before my period or during but I started cramping the next day after my bleeding stopped and I've been cramping off and on since then. Its been mild cramping expect two nights ago it was worse and uncomfortable. Just the other day my boobs started to feel like they're getting sore I feel it a little more today. I have been a feeling some mild nausea mostly at night but sometimes it happens randomly throughout the day. I am not trying to get pregnant but my boyfriend and I have been really careless as far as protection (bc) I was on the pill but missed some and ran out when we were on vacation and just haven't taken any since then and that was on july 10 and we have had sex almost everyday since. I just want to know what this means.. am I prego and don't know it yet or can this be something else. I have a dr appt in two days. And I took a hpt two days ago it was negative. Please help any advice or anything please. Im afraid there might be something more seriously wrong if im not prego but if im not im hoping this is just something that happens sometimes and its not serious. Either way im anxious and nervous. Please help. Thank you.