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Hi guys:) im 23 and i had my last period feb 25th. My boyfriend and I have alot of sex (some protected some not) I have not got my period this month, i have cramping and bloating & my nipples have been so sensitive and erect the past week. I have these brown dots around the nipple & white creamy discharge. Could I be pregnant?


hai....i have just read your post...and i just wanna ask the last time when you had your sex did you have the protection or not...

If you have the save sex then you should worry a little because if your bf uses the local type of condom then u should worry a little. but if you had an unsafe sex then i am sorry to say that u need to see the doctor to confirm that ( are u pregnant?/u are not pregnant).

About your nipple that is usual because you had alot of safe and unsafe sex then it may be the reason why your nipple is behaving like that.

Any way just go to the nearest doctor and verify about your self. and if possible please dont attempt for another safe or unsafe sex until you are safe