I also get these creepy sensations in my head and neck the feel like to touch or pressure. it started on the right side of my neck. it would just come on for a few seconds and when I would try to touch it it would go away. this lasted for a few days and then last night it started to do it on the other side. and then I could feel the pressure in my face just kind of like a twitch but then it would go away also. then of course you get anxiety about it. all of a sudden I felt like I was going to suffocate. I'm scared to death about the whole thing. this also started with pins and needles that came and went in my face that I've had experienced for a month. I am getting a referral to a neurologist. I also have spine degenerative issues. I get creepy crawly sensations that go up the leg also with pins and needles. everything seems to get worse when you want to go to sleep. my Lord is there a doctor out there or nurse that happens to know what this is? if anyone found a diagnosis please help us. do you do you think it might be multiple sclerosis?