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Hi - I am in Day 6 of recovery from a breast augmentation on my right breast, and mastopexy of the left (both with implants). Prior to surgery, my right breast was a full A, and my left was a full B. I believe the doctor went with 300 cc silicone under muscle on left, and 350 on right (I didn't see him after the surgery, so I will find out later this week). As I am healing, I notice my left brast (that had the mastopexy) still looks slightly larger, and the nipple, slightly higher. I emailed the doctor and he said they were quite even before the swelling began. Can I be optimistic that they will be symmetrical? Thanks.


Hey Happy Woman I congratulate you for your new breasts. And off course that you are concerned about size of your breasts. When we decide to go to the surgery all we can think about is are they gonna be the same? How can they know? And are they gonna do the job right. 

After the surgery we can't wait to take off the bandages to see our new best friends. And then we are looking the flaws. So I think that you should stop looking at them until the swellings go away and after a regular checkup you will see with your surgeon every inch of them so you will realize that you have been worried for nothing.

And how long were you thinking about augmentation? Was this something you have always wanted or? And you can share this information with us so we can have more information.