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I am one of men that are unable to develop the pectoral muscles. I tried to work extensively and still there is no way to make it as I hope to achieve. I know I am lucky because there is possibility to enlarge the appearance of my chest muscle. I wanted to help myself by placing solid silicone pec implants. I will do it anyway, but before I would like to hear something more about what I should expect of this surgery and my pec implants.


You have opportunity to enhance the bulk and projection of your pectoral muscles with pec implants. Bad news is that they will not improve the definition of your muscles. This means pec implants will not help you to see muscle fibers through your skin. Probably you would like to know how you should prepare for this surgery. If it is possible, you should stop working out for one or two weeks prior to surgery. If you continue with working up, it’s not a big deal, but then you can expect more post-operative discomfort after pec implants. You will be under general anesthesia or very heavy sedation during performing this surgery. Small incision is hidden in arm pit and small cavity is created under your pectorals with endoscope. They will use solid silicone breast implants that have been shown to not cause diseases. Also you shouldn’t be worried about those pec implants because this solid silicone implants used for male chest augmentation are not made of silicone gel.