I don't know all these terms that are usually abbreviated on the site because im very new to all this. I'm 26 and took an at home pregnancy test this past Monday and it was positive. At that point I was spotting a little but it was brownish and I was told it was of little concern. As of Tuesday afternoon there was bright red blood. Moderate flow but not heavy enough to fill pads and no clots. Wednesday more of the same. Thursday my pcp sent me to the er for labs & an ultrasound. They saw pretty much nothing on the ultrasound (which they said was pretty normal only being bout 3 to 4 weeks) except a cyst on my left ovary. I followed up with the gynecologist the hospital referred me to on Friday. She said that my hcg levels were 49 and she was almost certain I am experiencing a miscarriage. I have to follow up with labs tomorrow and again 48 hours later. I am still bleeding at the same rate and have not passed any clots. I have however had some clear discharge along with the bleeding when I wipe. Is this normal during a miscarriage or should I be worried about something else going on? any insight or words of comfort would be greatly appreciated as this was my first pregnancy and don't have many people to talk to about it.