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Hey,I'm only 20 and I've recently had slight spots of blood after going to the bathroom. I read up on some things and thought that maybe it was due to my fibre intake. I increased that significantly and I rarely ever get the blood spots. But over the last 2 days I seem to notice a dark, sticky mucous-like liquid being excreted, along with normal-ish sized stools. I have no pain. No nausea. No stomach cramps, maybe some stomach growling (but that's relatively normal for me). Would anyone know what it is? I am planning to see a doctor but since there is no direct discomfort/pain I'm not sure if I'm overreacting.Any thoughts? Thanks.


Just my opinion but blood in your stools couldnt be good. Probably nothing to worry about but id see a Dr soon. It has to be something in your intestines, stomach, or in your anal erea. Probably nothing but a Dr. visit couldnt hurt..