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My lips turned dark after a mouth infection that had caused my cheeks to swell and feel not so smooth. The tissue of the gums started to get better (shrink) but it also started getting darker. This darkening continued to spread to select spots around the gums of my teeth on to my lips. The corners turned dark first, then the entire lip at the bottom. My lip did fill as if it was swelling and tingling at some point later. I took medicine for swelling. That helped the swelling but not the darkening of my lip. Please help.


Hello there,

Well in my opinion you will have to see your doctor as soon as possible. It is not common sign of allergic reaction that your gums and lips are dark. I am also suffering from allergies but I have never experienced something like that, so the best you can do is to see your doctor. maybe you will need to get injection to stop that allergy attack and symptoms of darkening lips and gums. Keep us posted about further events.

I hope that you will resolve your problem as soon as possible.