Sir/ Madam
Lately beside the Depression and Anxiety......Now I have Depersonalization....I am taking Zoloft, seems does not work, can yoy please advice, I hope that its possible for you.
I been taking (the old NARDIL and Valium for 35 years) when nedeed and indeed did help..Ever in 2003 the Nardill been riformuated, wich been removed 11 exipient and been added Croscarmellose Sdoium, where this its a potent dissolvant, seems tha this dissolve the Phenelzine Sulphate to
fast therefore will not reach the small indestine therefore does not reach
the bood stram, this apparently its been done in purpose.
The new Phenelzine Sulphate (MAOIs) [Nardil] does not work, not only for me.......but about 8.000 people with the same prblem, can you advise
what can be used instead?
Please try to help me
Best regards