I'm only 22 but have been taking methadone 10mg tablets since 9th grade. I can admit I got caught up by the feeling it gave me throughout my body and I've never had a reason  to stop till June of this year when I found out I'm pregnant with my first child. When I found out I made the right choice and start tapering off slowly with my OBYN knowing. I cut the 10mg in half to be 5mg and took it that way for a few weeks, then cut one half in half to be 2.5mg and took it that way for a few more weeks then I finaly started cutting half the tablet into 3. When I first started I was terrified of the withdrawal symptoms but when I realized I was okay each time I lowered the dose it made it easier to reach my goal of getting completely off it as of Nov. 21st at roughly 2am I took my last dose I had. The thing I'm struggling with the most is at night when I'm trying to sleep I feel really anxious and the middle of my back gets this terrible annoying feeling which makes me extremely uncomfortable. The one thing that is helping somewhat is Benadryl 25mg and I take 2 tablet's. That helps me feel comfortable to sleep a little bit, I started pregnancy yoga to keep me occupied and to keep my heart at a normal pace. It's now been almost 40 hours and I don't feel to terrible but it's only the second day. If anything I would suggest that you DO NOT use SUBOXONE to help detox and the reason I say that is cause I worked in a medical office where the doctor had a detox license and prescribed suboxone. Alot of the people never weaned off of it and just ended up addicted to it. Tapering down in a controlled manner is the smartest way to go.