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I started having small white pus pockets on my chin . Of course I have to pick at them. The doctor said I have rosacea acne. What can I do for this . I want to be able to not have to put makeup on all the time. Help!


How long have you had this skin condition?  Does your skin flush when overheated or is it continuously flushed?There are four types of acne-rosacea and finding the right treatment is often difficult,very much trial and error not to mention expense.  I found my flushing after fifteen years faded significantly after cutting out wheat from my diet, although i still eat gluten on a daily basis (porridge oats and flapjacks)  But the tiny white clusters(which I too cannot resist picking at)  come and go all over my face, now even my forehead which has always been the only area of my face to never have any blemishes or redness...but now it is covered with clusters of red patches and pimples...all of a sudden!!   I am beginning to suspect this has much to do with hormonal changes. I am mid forties and Doc says i may be peri-menopausal.