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I have a problem. It started yesterday. I have bowl movements every ten to twenty minutes. It is always liquid diarrhea. whenever I get these bowl movements, I always get a randon pain in my stomach area. If I burp, the pain goes away though. I'm thinking the reason of this pain and gas is due to the frozen pasta I heated up the day before yesterday. I took it out of the package and it was literally frozen solid with ice. heated it up, nothing seemed to bother me that night. on another note, I smoke cigarettes and drink a lot of green tea. i don't drink very much dairy and pepto does not seem to assisst my problem in any way. any opinions and advice would be helpful. really hoping its just gas or something..rather than an organ problem or intestinal parasite.


Smoking is not helping you.  If you need motivation to stop google lungs of smokers.  Second get on some probiotics, your digestive system is weak.  Third a better diet will greatly help.  Not fastfood and food that come in a wrapper, or container.