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Okay so i'm 16 years old & me and my boyfriend we're going to have sex but it hurt really bad since i'm a virgin. He only put the tip in for like 2 seconds but I'm not sure if he had pre cum or not? We were fooling around before that and he did have precum when i gave him a hand job but he never fully ejaculated. Anyways, I think I'm fixing to ovulate because my period ended 5-6 days ago and I'm cramping really bad now, so what are the chances of me being pregnant? I'm really scared and stressing. 


Dear He put the tip in is it possible

If you have a 28-day cycle, and your period was 5 days which ended 5-6days ago, today (24th Nov) is day 10 or 11 of your cycle, and ovulation would then be expected on day 15 (28th or 29th Nov). On day 10 you may well be fertile, and on day 11 you would be fertile.

Pre-cum can contain sperm (in some men, always), especially if he came close to ejaculation previously.

You cannot be pregnant yet! You cannot be pregnant until after ovulation and the egg has been fertilised and implanted. But you certainly could get pregnant.

If you are "really scared and stressing", why did you not use protection when you were trying to have sex? There is always a risk of pregnancy whenever you have sex.

Hope this helps.