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4 days ago we decided to have sex for the FIRST TIME..
i didn't use any condom.. when i started putting my penis inside her, she said its painful.. we tried it a few more times but i think it didnt got all my penis inside her..

can she still be pregnant? even her hymen is still intact(i think)..
does pre-cum can be a issue?
can you guys help me? I'm very worried..


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Generally it doesnt make a difference if its her "first time" or if you break her 'hyman" if you ejaculated (it doesnt sound like you did) into her vagina pregnancy is always a reference to precum, read the precum FAQ sticky for more details but I dont think you have anything to worry about in your the future be safe and talk w/ your GF about getting on the pill to avoid future scares (its the most effective form of birth control.. good luck