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This post is in regard  to a conversation I had with a friend, a few weeks ago. Both her boyfriend and I are cannabis addicts. Both of us are in our mid-30's and have used cannabis daily since we were both pre-teens. Both of us (like many drugs addicts) have attachment issues (him with his mother, me with my father).

Mine & my friend's conversation was based around the theory that people take drugs to repress certain issues & feelings. My friend suggested that cannabis dependency was linked to repressed anger. I tended to disagree- I said that it was more based around anxiety & depression; however, that said, depression IS self-anger & hate and illogical guilt.

Anyway- I stopped smoking cannabis and am currently going through withdrawals....and the repressed anger is rearing it's ugly head, yet I don't really know how to deal with it. My focus is all over the place, so writing it out is difficult; I can't sleep, yet I'm absolutely shattered, so exercise is a no-no at the mo. I won't go to my doctor- I've asked for help for this addiction before and found him as helpful as a chocolate tea-pot! And I am NOT going back on to anti-depressants (spent years on them & found pot more helpful).


Thus, I'm asking other ex-addicts....

What drug did you choose and why? When you stopped, what was the one prevailing emotion that you found difficult to deal with?



Anxitey was what I had trouble with.But like you sayed.I too need to go on some kind of med's.But it helped!!!! It take's time to fully say your clean and sober.TIME AND CHANGE..... It's all up to you.I hope you secceed in your soberity !!!