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Right now I'm in a money crunch and I really don't have enough money to buy my test strips. I'm not sure what to do. A friend of my suggested that I look on Ebay. I've never used Ebay and I'm not sure I trust it. I'm mean who are all these people that are selling stuff. Are they trustworthy? Does anyone know about buying test strips off Ebay? Is it safe to buy test strips on Ebay? Are the strips any good? Are the test strips the same brand names I get from my pharmacy? Are the boxes clean and not damaged in some way and where do these test strips come from? Please help, I need some advice here. Thanks


You stand to save a lot of money by buying test strips on Ebay. Depending on the seller, test strips can go for $5 for a box of 50 and $10 for a box of 100 and some of these strips are the most expensive ones.


If you're not familiar with Ebay, try to understand that Ebay doesn't sell test strips or anything else. Ebay is a common meeting ground for a community on the Internet of independent buyers and sellers that have items to sell. Ebay has rules and regulations that independent sellers must adhere to and Ebay has fantastic protection services for the buyer.


The test strips that are sold on Ebay come from a number of sources. A seller may have had a family member die and their were test strips not used. In cleaning out their home, the strips were found. Tis better to sell these than throw them away. That would be a waste. Diabetic individuals often change meters for one reason or another and can't use the strips they bought for the older meter on the new. Remember, test strips are specific to the meter. Women often become diabetic during pregnancy and need to test their blood glucose levels. Once they deliver, they don't need the test strips anymore and they may have a box or two left over. And, the list goes on.


Ebay requires that the test strip box must be unopened, factory sealed, and no expired strips be sold so you should be fine. Use common sense and be cautious. The box should be in good condition with no junk on it like someone found it in the dumpster. Check the reputation of the seller. They should have 98 percent or better positive feedback. I'm a great fan of Ebay and have gotten some exceptional deals and so far I haven't had any problems.